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4 Week Kundalini Yoga & Meditation  Course BEGINNERS/ALL LEVELS, starts 20th of July


In this next 4 Week Series for Vagal Toning our focus will be  healing for emotional balance, release stress and develop tools to self self-care. 

We already know how important it is to find emotional balance in our everyday lives as feeling out of balance emotionally can make us feel awful. 

 In this 4 Week series, this course will support you to:

  • Free up and release tightness and tension in your body 
  • Decreases anxiety, depression and stress
  • Turn your path back towards self-care with some easy to implement daily practices  to begin to build your self-care momentum. Work up to longer gentle yoga for emotional balance, relaxation and guided meditations once this momentum builds. 
  • Helps us to develop emotional resilience
  • Enhances our wellbeing, happiness and autonomy
  • Acts as a preventive strategy to avoid self-criticism and low self-esteem
  • Rebalance your nervous system, release fear and resistance and begin to create more time, space and perspective in your daily experience

Kundalini Yoga using Breath Work, Kriya (set of exercises) , Meditation and Mantra have all been shown to significantly increase your Vagal tone leading to reduced inflammation in the body, improved immunity, a better mood and memory, and a wonderful increase of endorphins – the happy hormones. 

 The vagus nerve acts as your body’s superhighway, carrying vital information between the brain, body and all your organs, and controlling how your body responds in times of relaxation and rest. Repeated Breathwork sessions can help to tone the vagus nerve, which can notably reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and may also enhance immune, brain and gut function!

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body yet many of us have never heard of it and have no idea how important it is . The nerve starts at 10th cranial nerve at base of skull and travels all way down the body connecting all our major organs with the brain . It is like a super highway sending messages back and forth to the brain and forms part of our parasympathetic nervous system – the “rest digest “ rather than the “ fight or flight “

​If vagal tone is good we tend to be more resilient to stress , recover better from illnesses and are generally more positive. 

If it is poor we find ourselves in a continual fight or flight situation and are more prone to stress , physical issues with heart and digestive system, anxiety and depression .

Whilst many of us enjoy these sensations of increased openness, we’ll also explore how we can balance that relaxation by creating a sense of stability and containment, working to centre and strengthen our physical and emotional selves.

This will be a safe space for you to learn and enjoy.

No experience with yoga or meditation is necessary. This course is open to everyone.

Lucinda has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years and was one of the first teachers to be trained in Kundalini Yoga in Australia. Her style of teaching reflects her wisdom and commitment as a teacher in the lineage of Kundalini Yoga. 

No previous experience in yoga or related disciplines is required for you to begin to achieve undeniable benefits from your first class.

Please call Lucinda 0414 309 467 if you have any questions.

When : Wednesday’s, 20th of July to 10th of August

What time : 7.15pm – 8.45pm
Investment: $80 Book Now


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